Pocket Wizard Plus X

At the outset of my trials and tribulations with the field studio set up, I realised early on that I’d need a set of radio triggers to fire my twin manual flashes, since once the rear unit is sitting behind a thick piece of opaque perspex its infrared function ceases to work (IR works fine indoors of course) so an IR trigger on camera body was out.   After a good deal  of on-line research, I invested in a set of the (fairly new at the time) Hahnel Vipers, which seemed to get good reviews and were nice and simple (ideal for me!).  After sending the first lot back to Wex Photographic (who have a great returns policy by the way) as a result of their complete non-functioning, and after having some elements of the replacement set of triggers fail on me in the field on the second trip out, I went back to the web reviews and finally settled for a set of Pocket Wizards. 

Whilst most of the PW kit is pricey compared to the (numerous) Chinese-made units on the market now, they seemed to be the best kit for the job and come well-recommended by most pros.  Importantly, the release of the Plus-X seemed to offer the lower price point (around £200) and reliability I needed. 

Paired with a couple of (really well-made) pocket wizard hotshoe synch cords the triggars seem to do the job; I have now been out in the field with them a good number of times over the past few weeks and I have to say I am really, really impressed.  They fire every time and their reliability and simplicity engender a great deal of confidence.  There is a good review of these little beauties on the Strobist blog that is worth checking out:


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