Andrew McCarthy Photography


“Many thanks for your fascinating talk this evening – we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Your images were stunning, and you demonstrated a style incorporating excellent technical ability coupled with a distinctive and creative thought process. The panel of images presented for your RPS Fellowship was amazing and your success was just reward for the time and effort you have obviously invested in the pursuit of excellence in the craft of macro nature photography.”
Malcolm McCamley FIPF ARPS – Irish Photographic Federation

Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent talk last Friday for the Beaumaris and Menai Bridge Camera Club. It was very well received and liked by all, and still has our members talking about it – you did a brilliant job and it was a very impressive talk. We were so lucky to hear it – thanks to your kindness too in helping with our budget.  I hope perhaps we can have another talk again sometime from you?
John Davies Programme Secretary – Beaumaris & Menai Bridge Camera Club

Hi Andrew you were one of the best presenters we’ve had in many years so thank you for presenting to Exeter Camera Club last night. Many members were present to see your  images and appreciated your journey and delivery. You demonstrated development and skills with creative thought throughout your pathway to photograph nature, plus your dedication to projects and honesty about your successful and not so successful images. You eventually achieved one of your goals, a Fellowship with the RPS and well deserved. Thank you again as you certainly inspired us all last night with your presentation and encouraged many to continue their nature photography and have a go at qualifications with the RPS. Maybe for your next project you could consider a book about ‘Nature and Wildlife in Devon’ because you have so many wonderful inspiring images? Thanks again. Sandra Barrett ARPS
Exeter Camera Club

”We were delighted to welcome Andrew to Kidlington Camera Club. Despite being a rather small club and the talk being hosted on Zoom, we attracted a good number of external visitors as well as almost all our current membership; all were extremely inspired and motivated by Andrew’s talk and stunning images. Andrew presented his talk in two parts – the first part was about insect photography (totally fascinating and absorbing, as well as being clear and full of enthusiasm) whilst part two was about the journey to a Fellowship accreditation with the RPS. Following the talk, we are sure that several members as well as visitors will be inspired to consider taking that next step on their own photography journey. A marvellous evening. Thank you so much, Andrew.”
Kidlington Camera Club

‘A very entertaining and informative evening, Andrew expressed his thoughts, feelings and enthusiasm for the subject easily and clearly. The narrative was always interesting and he included many facts he has acquired in his work as an ecologist. There were many questions during the coffee break and also a real “buzz” from our members at the end of the evening – this is always a good indication of how enjoyable a speaker has been. Andrew’s images were exceptional, particularly the macro shots, and the members have already asked for a return visit in next winters programme.” 
Barnstaple Camera Club 2019

”Andrew’s talk at Teignmouth and Dawlish Camera Club was a wonderfully entertaining celebration of wildlife photography, ecology and camera technique. He told the stories of how he got his compelling photographs with ease and humour, and the presentation was enriched by his immense knowledge of and respect for wildlife. The club members are now even more inspired to get out and improve their wildlife photography and send huge thanks to Andrew for the evening.
Teignmouth and Dawlish Camera Club 2019

”Following your visit to Plymouth Camera Club I would just like to say how much we enjoyed your Natural History talk. It was so nice to see British wildlife in their natural surroundings.  Your images were certainly inspirational and I am sure you could tell we all enjoyed the stories that went along side – simply by the sound of disappointment (Ohhhh!) when the evening came to an end!   Your images of butterflies were particularly well received and it was pleasing to have you share locations and the various camera techniques/lenses you used.   People can get bogged down with having the full frame equipment so it was great to see images taken with a “smaller beast” which were beautifully defined and well- captured.” 
Plymouth Camera Club 2019

“Thank you Andrew for the inspiring talk you gave us at Bideford Camera Club on Insect Photography last Tuesday. It was varied and interesting, and your images of insects, expecially the extreme macro ones, were stunning. The section of your talk explaining the theory and practice of focus stacking was something many of us did not know much about, however your detailed but clear way of explaining this technical subject made me feel personally that it is something I should have a go at. I think you can judge the success of the evening by the number of people who were talking to you, and asking questions during the tea break and at the end of the event.  Thank you again for an evening to remember.”
Bideford Camera Club 2020

”Andrew’s zoom talk showed he was extremely knowledgeable about his subjects and his enthusiasm, not just for photography, but for natue conservation shone through. He shared his failures as well as his successes, which is something we don’t often see – it proved that practice and learning from your less successful attempts does indeed pay off and our members found that extremely motivational.  As well as giving us an opportunity to see stunning images  of bats that you would rarely, if at all, be able to see for yourself, he also gave us lots of information about cameras, settings used and other useful equipment.  Our members would be very happy to see more of Andrew’s work’’.
Torbay Photographic Society & Tonbridge Photography Club.

”Thank you very much for your fantastic presentation. Showing us your brilliant inspirational images and sharing your knowledge of how you achieved these and the effort that goes in to obtaining them, while maintaining the welfare of the wildlife.  I personally  found it very refreshing to see how you prefer not to use paid hides, but to find the wildlife yourself wherever possible.  Your presentation was by far one of the best I have had the privilege to watch Thank you again.” 
St Austell Camera Club.

”Andrew is a photographer, professional ecologist and passionate conservationist who shared his many photos with us and we were very impressed by the quality of his work.  He started the evening with his amazing photos of deer in the rutting season. Caught in dappled light we saw a stag festooned with bracken and with this image and those that followed we could see why Andrew’s photos have been in the Countryfile’ calendar and published in magazines.  he clearly knows his subjects and how to protect wildlife and this was evident throughout.  Andrew is always looking for something a little different, and we could see this in his photographs of dippers; a newly emerged broad-bodied chaser dragonfly, a brown hair-streak butterfly laying eggs on blackthorn, as well as insects such as great green bush-cricket. Andrew spoke without notes and was able to tell us which camera, lens and settings he used for each image – we were impressed by his incredible recall!  During the tea break we admired his s prints – in particular ‘Waiting for her Prey’ – an image of a nursery web spider photographed against a velvety crimson dahlia which was a well-deserved winner in the 2018 British Wildlife Photography Awards.  Andrew knows that some of the best photographic opportunities are at dawn in the summer and we could appreciate his efforts with butterflies and damsel flies caught in a beautiful early morning light. However, just as striking and indeed outstanding were his close up photos of a housefly indoors. The crisp detail on these photos was stunning!  Definitely some of the very best nature photographs we have seen at the club.” 
Christine Chittock, Exmouth Photo Group Programme Secretary.

”Your presentation to Kingsbridge & District Camera Club was absolutely great. It had been long awaited and was eagerly anticipated after two years of a pandemic with no face-to-face speakers. You certainly did not disappoint! Lots of people commented on the superb images you shared, across such a wide range of beasts – from the majestic stags and seals to the mini-beasts. Personally, I found the bat images some of the most fascinating, not least because they are so unusual. Your ecologist training and qualifications clearly give you access to places that the rest of us can’t get to, and your patience in getting the right rigs set up to capture images of those strange creatures in flight really paid off. You needn’t worry about being rusty after two years out (your words!) as it didn’t show: you have interesting things to say as well as great pictures to share, and it was a pleasure to listen to you. Thank you.” 
Kate Barnett, Kingsbridge & District Camera Club.