Andrew McCarthy Photography

Nature Photography Workshop 2022


The course which takes place near Exeter in Devon, runs from Tuesday May 24th To Thursday May 26th 2022


Join Andrew McCarthy on a series of nature photography courses near Exeter, Devon during summer 2022. 

Each workshops will be aimed at ‘improver’ photographers who want to get to grips with the challenging genre of nature photography.

The first workshop will start on the 24th May 2022 and finish on the morning of the 26th.  Please contact Andrew for other dates.

Andrew will first give an overview of the camera settings you will be using during the workshop and will discuss the variety of compositional techniques you can use to enhance your images.  Over the following two days we shoot in a variety of locations within 20 miles of Exeter where there are many opportunities for photography of wildflowers, insects and other wildlife.

Once the course is over and you have had a chance to reflect on your workshop experience, you will have an opportunity for a 1:1 critique / discussion session with Andrew via Zoom, during which you can discuss your images.  This is part of the workshop teaching package and is free of charge.

Equipment requirements:

  • A DSLR or Mirrorless camera together with a macro lens (or extension tubes/close-up dioptre) for insects and plants, as well as a wide angle and telephoto lenses (or a zoom) for landscapes, and a sturdy tripod – preferably one with a removable centre column. 
  • Spare memory cards and sufficient batteries to carry you through a full days shooting.
  • We have limited kit for hire if you don’t have all of this equipment yourself; Let us know in advance if you have any specific requirements and we will do our best to help.  

Clothing and fitness level:

  • We will be working outdoors, possibly in wet conditions, so appropriate clothing including a waterproof jacket and trousers, are highly recommended.
  • Late May can be very warm so lightweight clothing, a sunhat, sunscreen, a water bottle, midge repellent and a tick removal tool.
  • We will need to walk reasonable distances (up to four miles) on potentially wet / muddy and uneven ground, so we also recommend stout boots and wellingtons, with a good grip and are fit enough to negotiate uneven and rough terrain unaided.
  • Nature photography can involve lying on the ground, however whilst this is optional it often results in a better image!

If you have any queries about your experience level, fitness, equipment suitability or our approach to Covid19 security, please contact Andrew to discuss at

Price and venue:

£400.00 per person non-residential. Nearby accommodation will be required.