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OM System 1-day insect workshop 22nd July 2024


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This insect photography workshop is for users of OM System cameras who want to improve their understanding of the key wildlife-related settings (i.e. pro-capture, focus stacking and bracketing) on OMS cameras, as well as learning to optimize their nature photography setup.

There will be an opportunity to try out a range of OM lenses including the 90mm macro and 150-400 f4.5 Pro, as well as the OM-1 Mk I and II bodies.

Participants 6 max.

Experience Level
Aimed at ‘improvers’; participants will need an understanding of the ‘exposure triangle’, as well as depth of field, dynamic range, how tones are shown on the histogram and how exposure compensation can be used to override the meter / obtain accurate exposure under different lighting situations. Participants will also need to be familiar with their menu system and also the main controls for shutter speed, aperture, ISO and exposure compensation, so these can be quickly changed in the field if needed.

We will be working fairly locally to Exeter to maximize time in the field – for example we may visit Stover plus a nearby private site. This location would also allow us to access Dartmoor in search of insects such as golden ringed dragonflies if time permits.  An alternative may be Lower Brookland; the final choice will depend on which site is working well at the time of the workshop (these and other sites will be checked the previous week).

Start and end times
This will to some extent depend on weather but we are planning for a reasonably early meet time at say around 5.30 am.  Participants will be informed of start time / meeting points once we have confirmed location, target species and weather at the end of the week before.

Fitness level / mobility required at the sites we are likely to be shooting at is not particularly onerous. However, we may however need to walk reasonable distances on potentially wet / muddy and uneven ground, and participants must therefore have a good general fitness level, with the ability to walk at reasonable pace, over several miles on sometimes rough terrain. Note that macro photography can also involve lying on the ground but this is obviously optional!

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