Andrew McCarthy Photography

Getting to grips with Field Studio Techniques

I have spent quite a bit of time whilst recovering from my shoulder surgery getting the kit together to start a project using a macro field studio and I intend developing this work during this coming spring and summer.  I have had a couple of sessions with amphibians over the past few weeks, and this morning spent several hours photographing some stunning male palmate newts in full breeding colour, with their extraordinary webbed hind feet on show.

My inspiration for taking this technique on board is Niall Benvie (from the ‘meet the neighbours’ project) and I would urge you to check out some of his work.  The technique itself is fairly simple, but getting the kit together can take time and it can be involved. There are clearly numerous ‘tips of the trade’ to learn, which are going to take time to learn, but great fun though and the results speak for themselves.